“This is a Good Idea!”: Stroll & Savor, Belmont Shore

I wish I could capture the smells of Stroll & Savor! The garlic bread at Buona Gente’s, the super aromas of Sweet Jill’s sticky buns (good even at 6:30 in the evening!), the magnificent Tandoori scents of Natraj Cuisine…incredible! And, of course, Lucille’s outdid them all with their industrial strength rib smoker. Watch the video at http://investinginlongbeach.posterous.com/this-is-a-good-idea-stroll-savor-belmont-shor

There’s everything from the trendy Bono’s to traditional Domenico’s. Like all popular attractions, there were lines at all the best spots, but everyone seemed OK with it…gives you more time to take a break between samplings.

The longest lines that I saw were at George’s Greek Cafe & BJ’s Pizza. No surprise here! George’s does a great job, and who can refuse Nikki serving their famous spanakopita, Greek salad and gyro? George’s is in the middle of the block, and the line was down to the stop light!

And the dogs!…enjoying the smells and tastes, along with their owners.

A great way to top off the evening was at Aroma Di Roma. Tim and his terrific crew scooped up some mean gelati, from Hazelnut to Stracciatella. Awesome!

I met a family in front of Thai Gourmet during this year’s last Stroll & Savor, who were “BSVs” (“Belmont Shore virgins”). They were really impressed with their first Stroll & Savor, and wished that they went on every month. I’m glad the Belmont Short Business Association (www.BelmontShore.org) spaces them out. Gives you something great to look forward to!

It’s wonderful to see that Belmont Shore’s shops & eateries are doing so well. As my new friends from Bakersfield/Beverly Hills/Monrovia said: “This is a good idea!” See you all there at the next one!

Peter Werrenrath